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Our Services includes:

1. SHARES BROKERAGE ACCOUNT: This account is for clients who are specific on the chioice of their stocks. Orders are gvien which are followed according to client's mandate.

2. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: The company offers portfolio service to clients who would not be able to handle the day to day management and administration of their equity investment. By mutual agreement, basket of various securities will be set up and advice given from time to time on when to buy and sell. Also a report on the performance of the portfolio will be given every quarter.

3. INVESTMENT ADVISORY SERVICE: Drawing from our vast experience and knowledge of the market, we provide specialized advice on :

    * Sourcing of long-term financing and project development.
    * Offer proceedures to unquoted Companies seeking listing on the Nigerian Stock Excahnge.
    * Recommend specific portfolio solutions.
    * Provide a framework and solutions for pressing investment policy issues.
    * Maintain ongoing dialogue with clients to generate best research ideas.
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